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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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N66CS Arrow II
N66CS Eagle Air's new Piper Arrow II
N5592F Cherokee 140
N5592F Eagle Air's Piper Cherokee 140
About Eagle Air


 Eagle Air Flying Club is incorporated, in the State of Ohio, as a non-profit Social / Recreational organization.  We are an  informal group of pilots with the love of flying and interested in spreading the joy of flying in safe well maintained aircraft.  The club was founded in June of 2003; with the purchase of our first airplane, a 1975 Cessna 150. 

     While we are not a flying school, we accept people who want to learn to fly into the club as full members.  We can assist you in finding an instructor who is acceptable to use our aircraft for the instruction of our members. Currently, that instructor does not have to be a member of Eagle Air Flying Club.  But all arrangements with that instructor are outside of anything to do with the club.  As a full or associate member you may use club aircraft for  instruction as long as you follow all appropriate rules and regulations of the club and FAA.

     In 2004 we purchased N5592F, a 1968 Cherokee 140 which is IFR equipped with a VFR GPS.   We sold the Cessna 150 in July of 2005.  In August of 2005 we bought a 1977 Cessna 172N.  It is IFR certified with a VFR GPS.  In June of 2006 our Cessna 172N was destroyed in a storm.  On December 4, 2006 we purchased a 1966 Cherokee 140, N7017R.  It has a 160HP engine and speed mods.  It's is also IFR certified, but does not have a GPS.  In February of 2007 we gave N5592F a 160HP rebuilt engine during it's annual inspection. During the course of 2011 we did a lot of upgrades to 92F, new mode S transponder with traffic, rebuilt prop, extensive annual inspection, new interior panels, carpet and seats, over $15,000.00 in total. Our latest move to improve the club is the addition of our new Piper Arrow II, this four seat complex airplane is awesome for getting there for business or pleasure at a reasonable price.

     We are looking to grow our club and are open to new members.  We want to keep our active member to airplane ratio to about 15 people per airplane. We usually meet every second Saturday of the month at the Wood County Regional Airport, meeting room, at 10:00 a.m.  At this meeting we discuss club business, up-coming events and socialize.  We welcome visitors.

     The Club is located at the Wood County Regional Airport (1G0), 1261 E. Poe Road, Bowling Green, Ohio, 43402.  The Airport location is N 41° 23.46' W83° 37.81' on the Detroit Sectional Chart and is 3.7 NM from the 176° Radial of the Waterville VOR.

     Bowling Green Regional Airport is home of the Flight Programs of Bowling Green State University.  This gives us access to students in the programs, some  have obtained their instructor ratings as part of their training.  A number of our members are flight instructors.  They are allowed to instruct other members in club aircraft.  Any member, with the proper credentials and endorsements can rent club aircraft for a nominal fee.

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Oshkosh, the spirit of aviation.

Random Flight Level 350 Video

Our Newest Purchase

After many months of looking, we purchased our newest airplane in February of 2012! It was a difficult decision just deciding what it was we were going to purchase, many airplanes out there would be a lot of fun to have and fly. We had to decide what price range we wanted to be in, then whether we wanted something to buy and fly or refurbish it. Maybe we wanted to buy something that was close, but still needed improvements. Did we want a cross country airplane, trainer, tail dragger, aerobatic, complex, high performance, two seat, four seat? It is tough to decide and when you get 20 something people adding their input it gets more difficult.

The airplane we finally settled on was a 1973 Piper Arrow II PA28R200, N66CS. This airplane was completely gone through and put back in the air in 2006, with a new interior, paint, etc. It is IFR certified but the panel is starting to show its age, one of the reasons we got it for the price we did. Our plan is to go ahead and fly it as is, make any repairs we discover along the way, then possibly at the next annual replace the panel with something current and modern.

With its four high back seats, roomy baggage compartment with its own access door, 200 HP, constant speed prop and retractable gear, this is a great airplane for family or business trips. Most of our members are flight planning this airplane at 135KTS and 10GPH, when I brought this airplane back from Mississippi upon the purchase we averaged about 155KTS on 10GPH. We did have a slight tailwind and didn't lean the engine too far as we had just picked it up and hadn't learned any of its personality traits, like and dislikes yet.

We are actively seeking members for this airplane! We keep our pilot to airplane ratio at about 15:1, and currently there are less than ten members using this airplane so we have room for more. Please contact us at 419-510-9009 or for more information on joining us.

Dave C.
President, Eagle Air Flying Club, Inc.

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 Israel Reynolds after his first solo flight!

     Congratulations to Eagle Air Flying Club member Israel Reynolds on his First Solo flight conducted October 2, 2013! Israel is working with CFI Gary McGinnis on obtaining his private pilot certificate this year, at the rate he is going I don't doubt he'll get it completed. Way to go Israel and keep up the hard work!

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Joel Black after passing his Private Pilot check ride!

      Congratulations to Eagle Air Flying Club member Joel Black who passed his private pilot check ride on August 26, 2013! Joel has spent the last few months working with a club flight instructor to get to this point, it was a lot of work and I am sure he is happy it is over. Now go enjoy that new ticket and take some people for a ride.

First Solo! Minimize

Greg Wobser after completing his first solo flight! 

    Congratulations to Eagle Air Flying Club member Greg Wobser on achieving his First Solo flight on August 6, 2013. Greg has been working with EAFC member and CFI Gary McGinnis for the past few weeks taking flight lessons and has taken the first step towards being a pilot. Congrats Greg, keep working at it!

New CFI! Minimize
Gary McGinnis after his CFI checkride.

     Congratulations to Eagle Air Flying Club member Gary McGinnis who earned his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) endorsement on June 9, 2013! As of October 2013 Gary is not only a club CFI, he serves as the club Safety Office and club Secretary. Thanks for all the help you provide to the club and its students, and congratulations on becoming a CFI!

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You can view older items in our News Archives.

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